Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Review: A Drop of Water: A Spiritual Journey by Yvonne Williams Casaus

A Drop of Water: A Spiritual Journey By: Yvonne Williams Casaus This book started out like a normal book dealing with grief. It shared the story of several tremendous losses which the author has experienced. It was hard to read all that she had suffered and, at times, I was crying right along with her.

Then, the book takes a turn. We are warned about the change that is about to take place, so that is a good thing. The next phase of the book consists of what seems to perhaps be therapeutic free writes that are somewhat disconnected to me. One line in the book talks about how her writing will help us to let things sink in.  What it helped to sink in for me was a great deal of confusion. At this point, I wanted to stop reading the book because there are enough confusing things going on in my life right now, but I agreed to read it and review it.

The author goes on about how we are all connected, that water is healing and connects us all, is love. I am sure that she really feels this way, but the thought is getting lost in what seems, at times, to be just random thoughts. I want to be able to give this book a positive review because this author has suffered so much pain in her life and I don't want to add any to it. But, I find this book very confusing.  It is like she is trying to express a thought that she can't quite find the right words for, so just keeps repeating the words that come to mind.

If one wants to read a book that shows the point that extreme grief and trauma can bring a person to, this would be a good example. If one wants to avoid extreme confusion, one might want to find another book on the subject.  

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  1. This book sounds like one I would not like to read. Hope the next book you read is better.Zing Zing!