Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Review: Helen by Anita Mishook

By Anita Mishook

We were given this book in consideration of a review. This in no way affects our opinion of this book.

Helen is an historical fiction novel dealing with the Nazi movement in Southern California in the mid-to late-1930s.

It is also a book about sisters and to what lengths they will go to protect each other.

It is an easy story to follow with some moments of extreme tension.  The danger for those involved on either the pro- or anti-Nazi side is quite obvious.  If one is found out, one could die.

This was a very interesting story. However, there is one incident of Heavenly Father’s name in vain and several instances of the “f” word.  There is marital infidelity portrayed in the book by a secondary character, though no graphic scenes of intimate acts. There is also the mention of drug usage as well as overindulging in alcohol. The lead character maintains her chastity and sobriety throughout the story.

There are moments of violence as well as talk of murder that would be expected in a story that pits the Nazis against the Jews.  Those were violent times in this country and throughout the world.

This story elicited an emotional response from me. It made me fear for the main character, Helen, as she not-voluntarily got pulled into this world of spying against the enemy.  While this story is fiction, it can be assumed that similar things were experienced by people during this dark time in history.  It is a believable story and one I think is worth reading and pondering. 

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