Saturday, April 22, 2017

Book Review: Crazy-Stressed by Dr. Michael J. Bradley

By Dr. Michael J. Bradley

We were sent an advance review copy of Crazy-Stressed so that we could make a review.

First, we need to explain our review policy.  All of our blogs are Christian-based.  This means that anything we review we read from a fundamental Christian perspective.

Therefore, when we read a book that uses our Heavenly Father’s name in vain, we immediately knock the rating down to zero.  This means that a book has to work harder to get any stars.

Our rating scale is from zero to five stars.

That being said, the advanced copy, which might differ slightly from the final book, has The Lord’s name in vain four times.  Once on page 63 and three times on page 67.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Bradley spells this out completely (all in one lowercase word) as he does for the name of a female cat.  However, for all other foul words he blanks out part of the word.  He uses dashes in place of a few letters.  Somehow, he sees this as not quite so bad.

Now that we have explained our ranking system, let’s get to the review.  This book is well written.  Dr. Bradley does not burden his readers with a lot of medical jargon.  He explains things in simple, easy to understand English.  He might even be able to speak a little redneck.

He has some funny stories and uses humor throughout the book. Crazy-Stressed is a fun read, other than the bad language. It is also an important read for any parent of a present or future teen.

We wish this book had been available when we were raising our four living children.  Perhaps we could have used some of the tactics described in the book.

One of the great things about Crazy-Stressed is that Dr. Bradley tells parents that it is okay to be stressed by your teen.  He lets his readers know that this is only natural and to be expected.

We give Crazy-Stressed a total of three stars.  We would have been able to give it five stars, but the language used in some parts was not appropriate for Christian readers.  Dr. Bradley actually should know better than this.  It is possible to speak today’s language without using inappropriate words.  This is exactly what parents should do for their children.

Dr. Bradley tells his readers about how teens model their parents.  From our own experience, we find that it is easy to fall into using certain words when you hear them often.  If we want teens to show proper respect and use proper language to show that respect, we must use proper language ourselves.

We recommend Crazy-Stressed by Dr. Michael Bradley with a language warning.  Very often just reading poor language allows it to sneak into our conversations.

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