Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Review: Love Your Work

We were sent a review copy of this book without cost or obligation.  This will in no way affect our opinion or our review of Love Your Work by Robert Dickie III.

Love Your Work could probably best be described as Who Moved My Cheese on steroids.

Love Your Work takes a Christian view of the world today and the rapidly changing economy and offers advice about how to prepare for the inevitable changes to come. 

Gone are the days when one could go to work for one company and expect to work for that company 30+ years, then retire with a pension and relax by loafing around at the general store.

Love Your Work addresses how the reader can keep a finger on the pulse of technology and look out for possible trends that will change the business in which they are employed.  

Even though the two terms, “Opportunities” and “Threats” are not mentioned per se in the book, the reader is taught to look out for them.

The book speaks of pivot points.  That is times when one’s career takes a turn.  Maybe the turn is for the better; maybe it is for the worst.  The reader learns possible ways to be ready for the next pivot point in their life and how to best take advantage of it.

The reader is given several suggestions about how to get prepared for the next job in their career path.

Love Your Work is very readable, with real life examples of individuals who took advantage of the pivot points in their lives and had great success by doing so.

On our scale of 0 stars to 5 stars we rate this book a 5.  We suggest that anyone who is contemplating a career move read this book first. 

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