Friday, April 21, 2017

Book Review: The People's President by John C. Bednar



The People's President

by John C. Bednar

Our blogs are all Christian-based and any reviews we post reflect our strong Christian beliefs.  That being said, we have zero tolerance for anyone using our Lord’s name in vain.  Our policy is that when this takes place, whatever book we are rating drops immediately to our zero-star rating.

The People’s President by John C. Bednar uses the Lord’s name in vain at least three times.  That drops the book down to zero stars right off the bat.

We would love to give this book a five-star rating based solely on the fact that it is written by a Clemson University professor.  We both grew up in the shadow of Clemson and we have our tiger pride.

However, this book, even without using God’s name in vain, just isn’t that great of a book.  The People's President is more a forum for the author to state his liberal views on gun control, the military, taxes, the environment and other political issues.

The book is well written and is entertaining, but it really is more a political statement than a novel.

The storyline is about a Princeton professor who runs for president without spending any of his own money or accepting any campaign contributions.  It would be great if real life worked that way.

Other than the use of God’s name in vain, the People’s President fits very well within Christian values.  There are no sex scenes, no extramarital affairs, and very little other curse words.

If one could get past the liberal agenda, The People’s President is mildly entertaining. We do not suggest the book and we give it zero stars on our scale and one star on the Amazon scale.

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