Thursday, April 13, 2017

Movie Review: Believe


We were sent a copy of the new DVD Believe so that we might review it. Our blogs are all Christian-based and we judge everything by our fundamental/Charismatic Christian values.

This story shows a man who has been, for the most part, what some would call “Realistic”.  He does not believe in miracles.

As this man, Matthew Peyton, faces the possible loss of his business,  it appears that the whole town, with few exceptions, is against him.

Overall, this is a wonderful story.  The audience is left guessing at what would happen next and exactly what miracles could happen.

We give Believe four stars on our scale of zero stars to five.  There are just a few reasons that the movie, which is supposed to be a Christian-based movie, does not deserve all five stars.

We would love to give this movie all five stars but we cannot.  The first reason is that Sharon, the mother of the little boy, CJ, is supposed to be a strong Christian, and yet she wears a shirt that is cut too low to be considered modest.

Since Sharon is supposed to be a Bible-reading Christian, she should know about the scriptures which instruct us to dress modestly. The doctor in the story is perhaps dressed immodestly at times, too.  However, she never claims to be a Christian.

Of course, it could be pointed out that the doctor gave Sharon the clothing and so she did not have control over what she was given.  As Christians, we are supposed to adorn ourselves properly.  That is hard for a woman to do in this world where one cannot find conservative clothing any more.

Then, the movie itself can be confusing at times.  There are flashbacks and flash-forwards and visions of things that are hard to follow.  We really cannot be sure if we are supposed to be in the present, past, or even future.

With these visions, we cannot be sure if they really ever happened or are just things that someone is seeing.

One vision shows a character blaming a factory fire on the little boy, C. J. and then accusing Matthew of arson.  So, did he tell police that C. J. did it or not?

The movie would be better if one could always tell whether it is the past, present, future, or imagination, but overall, the message is clear: Hold onto your faith. Believe. There IS hope, no matter what you’re going through.

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