Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review: The Fourth Vow by Richard Dolezal

The Fourth Vow
By Richard Dolezal

We were sent a review copy of The Fourth Vow for the purpose of writing a review.  First of all, we need to tell you upfront that this book contains a handful of profane words.  It does not have any explicit descriptions of sex.  

The Fourth Vow by Richard R. Dolezal is a very fast-paced book.  In fact, all of the action, with the exception of back story, takes place during the advent season of one year.

This book is chock full of murder.  There are all sorts of twists and turns throughout this book.  One has to keep wondering who is going to die next, and why?

We feel that, profane words aside, The Fourth Vow is a great book.   It is exciting and extremely interesting.  It seems that all of the main characters have lost someone special in their lives and are forced to keep on anyway.

We give The Fourth Vow all five stars.  We think you will, too.

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