Sunday, May 7, 2017

Book Review: Watch Your Delivery by Gabriella van Rij

Watch Your Delivery

By Gabriella van Rij

We were sent a review copy of Watch Your Delivery Unfiltered, Uncensored, Unacceptable so that we could write this review.

This is a very fast read. In fact, we read this while waiting for an upload to finish.  The entire book is only 102 pages long and the book has a few blank pages and many comic strip-type illustrations.

The general idea of the book appears to be to give the reader an understanding of how our responses to everyday life situations, verbal and non-verbal, affect others.

The author gives some possible ways to handle different life situations that we have all had to encounter.  There is a cute little scenario with an interaction with one of those automated customer service call centers.  You know the ones that are voice activated, but they never understand what you are saying.

The current price for the paperback version of this book is $14.99.  We cannot see that the book is worth that much.  However, it is a cute book.  It has a good message and might actually inspire some of us to think before we speak and to realize that sometimes we speak loudest when we say nothing at all.

We give this book four stars.  It is well written and well thought out, but some of the comic strips are hard for those of us with bifocals to read.  Watch Your Delivery would make a nice gift, but don’t be surprised if the person you give it to throws it back at you, thinking you were trying to tell them they need to improve their communication skills.

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