Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Eat Wheat By Dr. John Douillard

Eat Wheat
By Dr. John Douillard

We were sent a copy of Eat Wheat, written by Dr. John Douillard, for the purpose of writing this review.

Many people stop eating certain foods because they cannot tolerate them any longer.  They feel relief, but that does not last long.  Soon, the problems return.

Eat Wheat addresses why that happens.  Dr. Douillard gives us good, healthy choices that will help detox and reset the body so that we can again eat the foods we love.

This book is well-written and well-researched.  It is a very entertaining read as well.  Often times we find ourselves zoning out when reading books that are medical in nature.  Not so with Eat Wheat.

Why certain things have happened to us because of food is addressed in Eat Wheat.  Once David stopped drinking a name brand diet soda water for awhile. His blood sugars improved. Then, he treated himself to one 20 oz. diet soda water.  His blood glucose went crazy.   Dr. Douillard explains why that happened.

If you are having health problems of any kind, we suggest you get a copy of Eat Wheat and see if it might be caused by diet.  Of course, ALWAYS consult your medical provider before you start any nutritional  program.

We give Eat Wheat all five stars and two snaps up in a circle.  We would give it a bag of chips, too, if they are baked, not fried, and do not contain preservatives or overly processed ingredients.

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