Sunday, June 11, 2017

Book Review: Lowcountry Bombshell by Susan M. Boyer

Lowcountry Bombshell
By Susan M Boyer

We received a review copy of Lowcountry Bombshell for the purpose of writing this review.

Lowcountry Bombshell by Susan M. Boyer is part of the continuing Liz Talbot Mysteries.  Liz is still on the island and cracking cases.  We did not like Lowcountry Bombshell as much as we liked the first book Lowcountry Boil.  

In the first book, we had implied sensuality and some profanity but nothing really egregious.  In Lowcountry Bombshell, it was less discrete and more in your face.

The story is interesting and suspenseful. We have to wonder throughout the book what is going to happen next and who done it.

We give Lowcountry Bombshell three stars.  This book is not as interesting as the first book and it is not as Christian-friendly as the first one. 

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