Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Review: Sober Dad: The Manual For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting By Michael Graubart

Sober Dad: The Manual For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting
By Michael Graubart

FTC Required Notice: We were given a copy of Sober Dad: The Manual For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting, written by Michael Graubart, by the publicist for the purpose of writing a review.

Sober Dad is written primarily for dads who are sober alcoholics who are trying to be the best dad they can be, given what they have.

However, it is a great book for any young father, alcoholic or not, to read and learn from.

This book is funny and entertaining while at the same time it provides some good, solid, real-world advice for dads-to-be as well as dads just starting out.

The author, Michael Graubart, is not an “expert” in child rearing.  There is no such thing.  We know from having to deal with so-called experts that most of them have never had children of their own and only understand the theoretical approach to child raising.

Michael Graubart is down here in the trenches fighting the day-to-day battle that many of us have to face. We are not perfect, but we do the best we can and we love those little rug rats.

We give Sober Dad all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars.  So far, Mr. Graubart has not had to deal with an empty nest.  Watch the video all the way to the end to see what happens when a father finally makes it to an empty nest.

Now is the time to order your very own copy of Sober Dad. You will be glad you did.

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