Sunday, July 9, 2017

Book Review: My Journal: Remembering and Growing | A Biblical context to life’s journey, Edition 1, By Dan L. Bragg Ed-D

My Journal: Remembering and Growing | A Biblical context to life’s journey,  Edition 1
By Dan L. Bragg Ed-D

If you are struggling trying to find your purpose, you may want to take a one year journey with My Journal: Remembering and Growing| A Biblical context to life’s journey, Edition 1 by Dan L. Bragg Ed-D.

Bragg takes fellow travelers on a journey of discovery and growth by giving his readers inspiration to journal about their spiritual journey. Mr. Bragg is our tour guide as he challenges us to think and grow in our faith.

We think that churches may want to create a small Bible study class to come together once a week to discuss their journaling and uplift one another in prayer.

Whether you take this journey alone or with a group of fellow Christian friends, you will enjoy the devotions and learn much as you read and ponder the scriptures.

We found this devotional to be well-written and well-thought out.  We give My Journal: Remembering and Growing all five stars. Please be sure to visit Dan L. Bragg over at his blog Biblical Leadership Enterprise.

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  1. David and Suzanne - thank you!!

    I would love to share with people how to use this tool and really make it - make sense to normal daily routines. My blog is just getting started and I have a lot to learn, but every time I am able to teach the value of this book, a nice percent of people get excited. Thanks so much for your kindness!! Dan

    1. You're welcome, Dan. Thank you for writing this book. It has gotten me back into reading the Bible, which I hadn't been doing very much lately. I am enjoying it very much.

      I have added the link to your blog up in the post here as well as on PS Annie! and McClendon Villa's Reviews. David will also add it to the post on his blogs. Best wishes to you with your blog.

      Have a blessed week. ~Suzanne and David