Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Review: My Dad is an Alcoholic What About Me? by Marc Treitler with Lianna Treitler

My Dad is an Alcoholic
What about Me?

We were given the book My Dad is an Alcoholic by Marc Treitler with Lianna Treitler for the purpose or writing a review.  This book was produced by an entire family.  The father Marc, who is a recovering alcoholic, wrote the book.  His then eleven-year-old daughter wrote part of each chapter.  Marc’s wife Rowena and their son Bennett drew the illustrations. 

My Dad is an Alcoholic is written not so much as a how-to guide for teens and preteens whose parents are alcoholics, but more as a source of encouragement for children of addicts, no matter to what substance the parent is addicted.  

The authors of this book seek to disseminate knowledge to the readers that will hopefully help them to avoid becoming addicted to any type of substance, be it alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs.  

My Dad is an Alcoholic is not written in a style that talks down to teens.  It is written in such a way that preteens and older kids should be able to learn from and understand. This book is probably a good source of information for kids and would probably be good for someone to give as a way to open a dialog with a child who is going through the experience of having a parent who is addicted to some substance.  

We suggest this book to anyone who may be struggling with parents who are addicted to harmful substances.  

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