Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review: Dog Company

First, a brief explanation of our review policy. Our blogs are all Christian-based and we view everything from a Christian perspective.

That being said, the use of the Lord’s name in vain, even once, is unacceptable. Doing so automatically knocks the book’s rating down to zero stars. This means it has to be better in all other categories just to rate a one star.

On our scale of zero to five stars with zero being terrible and five being superb, we rate this book at least four stars and, based on how important it is that this message gets out, it earns its way back up to five stars.

If, like us, you don’t want to read or hear the Lord’s name in vain, you will probably want to avoid this book since it is used at least five times. Also, if you wish to avoid all types of profanity, this book is not for you.

And now, without further commentary, is our review.

Dog Company highlights just how bad things have gotten for our military. Not only are they fighting against an enemy who does not play by any of the rules of warfare, they also have to fight against policies that have been put in place by a public, with a lot of liberal policies, who wants to Monday morning quarterback every move a military person makes.

It is easy for us who are safe at home to say, “He should have done this or that.” We are safe and not in danger of having our heads blown off. We have time to make decisions. These military people have to protect themselves and their men, with no public support. They sometimes have milliseconds to respond.

That is what happened to Dog Company. This lone company of 89 men held out, however they could, until their commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony DeMartino threw them under the bus, so to speak.

You will read about how this group of men found spies in their midst and tried desperately to get the powers that be to keep them in custody. The result, the only way they could keep these spies from being released was to get confessions.

They did everything they could to get the information out of them the legal way. We see that nothing they did was wrong. These spies were the enemy. They should have no rights. Instead, their rights trump the lives of our military personnel.

The words “messed up” come to mind here. This is like when someone in school sees their friends being beat up by bullies. They do what they are supposed to do, tell the school authorities. But the school authorities do nothing. So, they take matters into their own hands and they are the ones who get expelled.

Some of these brave men, many of whom were injured in battle in service to our country, did not receive the Purple Heart and other awards that are their due. Our Army “lost” the paperwork.

Well then, find it and give them their medal. Reinstate those who were kicked out. Give them back their military benefits. AND, take the benefits away from that chicken-necked Lieutenant Colonel Anthony DeMartino. This is as close to justice as the United States can come now.

This book will be available April 11 in both Kindle and print editions.

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