Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review: Positioned for Destiny

The book Positioned for Destiny by Marsha D. Blackwell would make a great handout for churches to give to their members who embark on a prayer vigil, if the church were having some type of extra class in prayer.

We would really love to give Positioned for Destiny all five stars.  The problem is that there are places where it is not that readable.

There are points in the book that even a very well-read person would feel like they need to keep a good dictionary handy to decipher what is being said.  This doesn’t occur often, but it does happen.

Therefore, we can only give it four out of five stars.

Positioned for Destiny would make a great guide for someone to use when they are looking for answers.  It would be helpful for them to keep a pen handy so that they might answer the questions listed in the book.

As always, it would be great for someone who is praying through the book to keep their favorite translation of the Bible handy so they can read the text surrounding the text that is quoted.

We feel like Positioned for Destiny  would be best utilized by a person who sets aside a little time each day for ten days to read and absorb each chapter of the book and takes at least an hour to pray and reflect upon the book.

We feel that Positioned for Destiny would make a very good addition to your Christian library.  It is the kind of book you may wish to come back to after several months of reflection to reread and enjoy.

The only negative we see in Positioned for Destiny is that there are times the author uses some words that might be over the heads of some of her readers.

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