Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: Kreindia of Amorium: Wade of Aquitaine Book Two by Ben Parris

Kreindia of Amorium: Wade of Aquitaine Book Two
By Ben Parris

Kreindia of Amorium is the second in the trilogy of Wade of Aquitaine books.

If you like history, you will love this book.  If you like science fiction, you will love Kreindia of Amorium.  If you like action and adventure, then this book might well be for you.

This book reads a little differently than the first book, Wade of Aquitaine. However, just like in the first book, there is plenty of action, adventure, and maybe a little treason here and there.

Both the first and second books are well-written and interesting.  The only problem we have with this book is the jumping back and forth between years on the timeline.  But, then again, that is what holds the plot together.

The classic paradox of time comes into play in these books.  If I go back in history and kill my grandfather before he has kids, would I ever be born?  And if I am never born, how can I go back in time and kill my grandfather?  That rational also holds this book together.

We give it all five stars.  If you like thinking about the astral plane, then you will enjoy Kreindia of Amorium.  If you don’t like that type of adventure, then this series probably will not be your cup of tea.


Wade of Aquitaine, the first book in the series, is also available on Amazon.

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