Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: Max & Charlie by Zack Lieberman

Max & Charlie
By Zack Lieberman
Illustrated by Louis Neubert 

We were sent two copies of Max and Charlie so that we might review it.

We would have to say that Max & Charlie is probably the strangest children’s book we have ever read.  The book is supposed to be a dream but is really more of a nightmare.

The pictures are colorful and bright.  However, the font is way too small for tired eyes to read.

We cannot imagine giving this book to any of our children back when they were younger.  Many of the reviewers like this book, most from New York City.

We understand that many people like this book. However, we live in Gulf Coast Texas and this book is so far away from our reality that it seems more like a bad trip than a fantasy. Perhaps we are missing something.

For us, the story is just too hard to follow. Perhaps those living in a fast-paced place like New York City will relate to this book and even like it.  Down here on the coast, it is just too overwhelming for us to enjoy it.

We give Max & Charlie one star because the font is too small and hard to read and the story is very confusing.

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