Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: The Financial Briefing by Eric Hutchinson

The Financial Briefing
By Eric Hutchinson

We were sent a copy of The Financial Briefing in PDF form by the publisher so that we could write a review.

The Financial Briefing takes a good all-around view of planning your finances, especially when looking towards retirement planning. This would be a great book for young people just starting out on their financial journey. 

If one were to read this book along with Master Your Cash Flow by Albert J. Zdenek, Jr., they would have most of what they need to navigate their life in our turbulent economy.  

This combination of books would have been a lifesaver for us when we started our lives together.  The Financial Briefing is well-written and encompasses most of the financial advice we seek to provide via our How to Manage Your Monkey blog.

It would be great for people to give this combination of books, Master Your Cash Flow and The Financial Briefing, to any young person graduating high school or especially graduating from college.  These two books combined would make a great wedding gift.

We give The Financial Briefing all five stars.  We wholeheartedly recommend it and think you will like it.

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