Sunday, May 14, 2017

Book Review: I Didn't Know I Could Do That by Tony Perrone

I Didn't Know I Could Do That
By Tony Perrone

We were sent a review copy of I Didn’t Know I Could Do That: 9 Financial Strategies That Can Save or Make You Money so that we could read it and make a review.

When we first started reading the book I Didn’t Know I Could Do That, we could not decide if Tony Perrone was a complete idiot or the most brilliant financial person we had ever encountered. It turns out the man is an absolute genius.

The more we read and compared his views with that of other financial advisors, and in looking back over other financial manuals, the more we discovered that I Didn’t Know I Could Do That is a true financial gem.

This book is well-written and it explains in plain English the unusual concepts that are introduced. To be sure, most of the advice given is more for those earning in the upper levels of income. However, there are a few money strategies that will work well down here in the beans and rice income category.

Mr. Perrone’s style of writing is such that one does not zone out when one reads the strategies mentioned in the book.

Tony Perrone points out several times in I Didn't Know I Could Do That that his readers should use the information in the book to open a dialog with their wealth advisor and not make any quick decisions on their own.

We give the book all five stars.  We recommend this book to all students of accounting and financial management, CPAs, and financial advisors, as well as anyone who wants to maximize their wealth.

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