Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review: Surviving the Business Storm Cycle by Dave Hopson Ph. D.

Surviving the Business Storm Cycle
By Dave Hopson Ph. D.

We were sent a review copy of Surviving the Business Storm Cycle for the purpose of writing this review. 

As anyone who has ever been in business knows, business goes in cycles.  Sometimes the cycles are affected by the economy and sometimes by other factors.  But cycles are going to happen.

Dave Hopson first describes the normal business cycle. Then, he explains how to prepare for them and things he has done in the past to help weather the storms.  You won’t find any magic bullet in Surviving the Business Storm Cycle, but you will find ways to identify the cycles and how to plan for the next phase.

We give the book Surviving the Business Storm Cycle all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars. We think it is well-written and informative.  We think such a book that was written by a real life Marine, who has been in the trenches both literally and figuratively, is the best tool a business person can have in their tool belt. Note, we said tool belt and not toolbox.  The tools in your tool belt are more useful to you than the ones in your toolbox.

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