Saturday, June 10, 2017

Product Review: Silicone Potholders

Silicone Potholders
By Bo-Guyar

We were asked to try out this set of three silicone pot holders to see how they would stand up.  We put them through their paces and and we found them to be durable and very useful.

We tried them out to see how well they protected from the heat.  We heated our deep fryer to 400 degrees and then picked it up with the silicone pot holders.  Don’t try this at home.  

These silicone pot holders are flexible and durable.  You can use them as pot holders to move a pot from one location to another but you can also use them as a hot pad.  You can place the pot holder on the surface you wish to protect and put your hot pot on top of it.  

Our silicone pot holders came in a 3 pack with one blue, one pink, and one green.  We like our pot holders and think you will like yours, too.

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